A "double chin" can occur in many forms. In some people, it is present at a very early age. Typically, in that situation, it can appear as a fullness under the chin and jaw line area. Most of the time, the skin has good tone but the fat layer beneath it is thick.

In other people, especially with age, it can appear as fat associated with loose skin. A different version of this is hanging skin, minus the fat, and is frequently referred to as "turkey neck".

In a patient with good skin tone who simply needs to have the fat addressed, a non-surgical procedure might be considered. Our office can inform you about the use of KYBELLA, and can let you know whether you are a candidate for this procedure. It involves a series of several injections in the area, and usually at least one other additional treatment would be necessary about six weeks later. In some patients, liposuction may also be a viable option.

If excess skin, in addition to fat, is also present, other options are available. This may be a combination of procedures including skin resection with or without liposuction. Often a more definitive procedure, such as facelift, can be done in association with addressing the double chin issues.

Since each person's needs are different, we can evaluate each individual patient for unique procedures and offer the best options.

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